2011 m. gegužės 18 d., trečiadienis

Exam stress. Any ideas?

  Hello people!

This saturday will be the start of my final high school exam session. Starting with the English exam. I'm quite confident with my english skills, yet I'm still worried about this one and the other three I'm taking. My chill routine does not work and I decided to abstain from any substance 2 days before any exam, so "get drunk" won't work lol :D Anyhow, those of you who have passed your exams what techniques did you use to keep your sanity together?


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  1. good luck on the exams man! plenty of caffeine and take breaks from studying or you'll drive yourself crazy! +followed

  2. You are on high school. The exam will no ask what you cannot give. Just think in someone else, relax, play a sport.

    My technique is going tired to the exam. As you see my english is not pretty good.


    Good luck, you'll beat them all.

  3. Video games helped me when I was in highschool. haha
    Just waiting to go home and played to forget about everything else.

    Hope you find your stress reliever and good luck on your exams.

  4. I'm having exams on the 30th, just try to take enough time off (if possible of course). locking yourself up in your room just lowers your productivity :) goodluck, you'll do fine ;)

  5. Spliffffff dude. Good luck with that, I've already finished my year. it's gonna be okay !

  6. I usually smoke a few cigarettes before hand, and listen to some good music.

  7. Chug a beer just before studying. Not even kidding.

  8. Like, it won't get you drunk, it will just make it easier.

  9. Just maybe video games or a good book. Or some exercise?

  10. Calm down. When I had my final English exam I did not learn anything and still made 12 points which is a solid B. I am not even a native English speaker x)
    For my computer exam I learned a lot. So when u did nothing till now u have to be überskilled or are fucked up. Anyway best of luck for you!

  11. You should try meditating. It's more of a long term thing really but it can help with stress.
    Or go for a long walk in the woods. Running is great for it too.