2011 m. gegužės 19 d., ketvirtadienis

Game reccomendations?

Hello everyone!

Apart from the last two CoD games and TF2 I almost haven't played any recent games for a couple of years, and my current minecraft server is down for maintenance. Any reccomendations? My laptop is decent enough for CoD at medium-high settings (Dell Studio 17; i5; 4gb ram; 5650 1gig; so on), so what can you reccomend? I like fps'es like Doom 3 (Thinking of trying it again) and strategy games like Warcraft III or Civ V.


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  1. battlefield 3 looks incredible, check out the "fault line" video it looks like the best thing since BF1945

  2. Try out Mass Effect, It's no fps but it got me hooked.

  3. Try Batman: Arkham Asylum. I enjoyed. Is a nice game to play in single.

  4. why dont you try something different? Deux ex?

  5. One of the best tipps:
    Complete Half Life Saga. Do this:
    Half Life , Half Life blue shift , Half Life Opossing Force, Half Life 2 , HL2 Episode 1, Portal, HL2 Episode 2
    ENJOY! I do this often :P